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20 July 2009 @ 10:10 am
I've been putting it off as I tried to go back to my usual routine, but I finally admit that I do not have time to translate anymore. Life is very demanding right now and I've found my interest in the fandom to be not as admirable as before. Translating is a meticulous and time-consuming process for me, and I can't concentrate on it right now.

Therefore, I'm officially closing this translation journal. I will not be translating Tenimyu entries anymore and any future translations (seiyuu, niconico utattemita, random stuff) will be housed in my LJ. They will be very rare, so please don't friend me just for those XD;. All my entries here, though, will not be erased. Feel free to re-read them or something ^^;. I think someone is already translating Aiba's entries in the comm (aiba_no_ai). It'd be great if someone would continue the rest, too ♥.

Thanks for watching this journal as well as contributing by commenting, clarifying things and correcting my translations :). It was a fun learning experience. Some of you must be disappointed, and I am very sorry.

Thank you very much for being here @ arubaito ♥!

~ nikki :)
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02 February 2009 @ 09:30 am
Thanks to Len mienai_hoshi, I managed to get the cast list for Fruits Basket Musical~. But I don't know if it's already been translated so I'm posting it here, just in case.

For those who haven't read/watched the series, Fruits Basket is about a girl, Honda Tooru, who lost her mother in a car accident and was left with no home or family to go to (there were other family issues, but basically, that's what happened). In those circumstances she was taken in by Souma Shigure, a writer and the uncle of her classmate, Souma Yuki. While staying in their house, however, she discovered a deep family secret that she should never tell anyone lest she wanted to be mind-raped her memory to be erased: some of the Souma family members turn into the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac when they are hugged by the opposite sex. Yuki and his uncle Shigure are part of that curse. And so, adventures, crack, angst and other stuff commence.

Most of the cast is part of Studio Life (well, it's their play after all) but you might notice some familiar faces :P. Also, they are all male ^^. Oho.

Note: The "//" under some roles indicates a double-role, the first one being a member of the Strawberry team and the other of the Cherry team o.o

full list here

Honda Tohru - Mikami Shunji

Souma Kyou - Kamiyama Ryuji // Iwasaki Dai

Souma Yuki - Matsumoto Shinya // Mayama Akihiro

Souma Shigure - Uchiyama Kakuto

Souma Kagura - Yonehara Kousuke

Souma Momiji - Araki Kentarou

Souma Hatori - Soze Kaiji

Souma Hatsuharu - Katou Yoshimune

Souma Ayama - Yoshida Ryouta

Souma Akito - Aoki Shigeto // Kazutoshi Funami

Souma Kana - Yoshida Ryouta

Souma Kazuma - Suzuki Akira

Hanajima Saki - SHOWTA // Kogawa Yousuke

Uotani Arisa - Enomoto Yuuki

Honda Kyouko - Kameyama Hiroshi

Tanabe Akihiro
Arakawa Yui
Teramoto Kenichirou

Reporter: Nakamura Yuuta

-- x-posted to caelestin

* The rest of the list says "students for dance numbers" and "12 Zodiac for dance numbers" but they're just shuffling themselves so I did not include them XD;.

** Personally, I want to watch this just to see Kousuke smashing Ryuji with a rock XDD; (and pretending that they're going out *giggly*) ♥

*** This is a public post so feel free to link or sth, if you're interested :). Just don't copy around? ;;
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13 January 2009 @ 09:21 pm
Shougo is as energetic as always. Plus, January 6 was Pan-kun's (errr, his dog) birthday! :)

Shougo's blog January 01, 2009Collapse )

Shougo's blog January 02, 2009Collapse )

Shougo's blog January 06, 2009Collapse )

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12 January 2009 @ 10:41 pm
Hi and happy new year! I was planning on letting this blog go due to work and time issues as well as moving out of fandom. However, when I made a poll in my personal LJ, I was told that a lot of people would still want to read translations ^^. So, I'm continuing translations, but with certain constraints:

1. I will prioritize Aiba's blog. The rest (Doori, Shougo, Kei-chan, Kenn), I will try to translate as much as I can, but I might miss some entries (especially Doori since he updates daily).
2. I will not post everyday. Instead, I will post by batches. I don't think I can handle daily updates anymore.
3. I might try to post news/info depending on my schedule.
4. I will nto be able to post pictures from blogs. That's also to keep outsiders from finding this LJ ^^.

I really apologize. It seems that I can't hold this blog together properly anymore ^^. But I'll try to be consistent to the best of my abilities (and time) ♥.

Anyway, here are Aiba's entries starting from January 1, 2009 to recent.

Aiba's blog: January 01, 2009Collapse )

Aiba's blog: January 06, 2009Collapse )

Aiba's blog: January 09, 2009Collapse )

Aiba's blog: January 11, 2009Collapse )
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30 September 2008 @ 11:55 pm
Hey guys. My absence took a while ;_;. I've been having connection probs, plurk addiction and a Reborn! RP to play ^^;. Really distracted, I'm sorry.

Anyway, since today, October 1, is Aiba's 21st birthday, I've translated the rest of his September entries. He said in his last entry here that he has a long way to go to being an adult but I think he has changed a lot this year. He writes shorter, more insightful entries, and he handles most things with some seriousness now :). I miss the outrageous emoticons, though ^^;.

If you have the time, please comment in Aiba's blog and wish him well :). Thanks!

Aiba Hiroki; Sept. 19-30Collapse )
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17 September 2008 @ 09:07 pm
Due to certain stuff that I need to prioritize over translations, I will not be translating the blog entries for Wednesday and Thursday. I apologize in advance. I hope to be back on Friday. Thanks and sorry for skipping.

PS: Thank you very much for reading and commenting on my posts. I appreciate it :).

♥~ nikki
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17 September 2008 @ 12:17 am
Everyone posted yesterday 'cept Kenn. However, I'm very tired from the book fair and I do not have the patience to decipher Doori's randomness so he's skipped today ^^;. Sorry.

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Minami KeisukeCollapse )

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15 September 2008 @ 09:21 pm
Only Minami and Doori today :).

Minami KeisukeCollapse )

Sakurada DooriCollapse )

Minami is learning Doori's style of posting random stuff. Oh no ^^;.
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14 September 2008 @ 11:48 pm
Now Aiba's the only one missing his entries. And Doori and I have the same problems: we fail at putting titles in our blog posts xD;.

KennCollapse )

Minami KeisukeCollapse )

Sakamoto ShougoCollapse )

Sakurada DooriCollapse )
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14 September 2008 @ 12:12 am
Everyone posted except for Kenn (but he has an entry on Sept. 13!!) ^_^. I have missed Minami's Sept. 11 entry for some reason but I'm too lazy to backtrack and translate it ;_; Sorry m(__)m.

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